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Top 3 Track Breakdowns: 2021

We were joined by a number of incredible artists this year for a range of exclusive, insightful masterclasses. Whether it was breaking down their tracks, showing us their favourite plugins and workflow tips, or just shadowing them whilst they built a beat, 2021 has undoubtedly been one of our most diverse years for Track Breakdowns. If you’re after an extensive introduction into the world of Music Production & Sound Engineering or DJing, you can check out our full range of courses.

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Track Breakdown: Denis Sulta – ‘It’s Only Real’ Track Breakdown

Denis Sulta, real name Hector Barbour, is a Glasgow native best known for his meticulous and diverse approach to dance music. He’s released music on influential labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Numbers and Ninja Tune, as well as his own imprint Sulta Selects. In addition, he’s graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, was a recent Mixmag cover-star and recently joined BBC Radio 1’s Residency show alongside Jayda G, HAAi, Charlotte de Witte and Saoirse. In this video, the artist breaks down his hit track, ‘It’s Only Real’.

Track Breakdown: Raye – ‘Natalie Don’t’ (Punctual Remix)

During the video, the duo gives insight into how they usually go about remixing tracks and how they take a great deal of inspiration from the vocal. They kick things off by running through the sounds they used for their self-confessed favourite remix of all time. In addition, they drop some hot tips on how it’s often useful to keep your go-to sounds consistent within your music to help cement your musical identity, as well as the importance of making your track more mono in the buildups so you can widen things out at the drop, providing a grander feel.

Track Breakdown: Marten Hørger – ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’ (Confession)

In this Track Breakdown, Marten Høger pulls back the curtain on his songwriting and creative processes, demonstrating how he came up with the concept and ideas for ‘Øut Øf The Wørld’. Emerging as a preeminent act in the bass house scene, Marten Hørger has toured the world extensively and won multiple awards for his festival-friendly, upbeat tracks. The German DJ and producer has released music on influential labels, including Musical Freedom, Monstercat and Confession, as well as collaborated with huge acts such as Habstrakt and Dr. Fresch.

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