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Top Ways To Improve Your Vocal Technique

Improving vocal technique takes time, dedication, and practice. Today we’re breaking down some of the best methods to consistently improve as a singer so you’re ready for when big opportunities come your way.

1) Warm-up!

While this one may seem obvious, getting into the habit of warming up before every singing session helps you avoid strain and allows you to slowly take note of how your voice is feeling that day. Your voice, unlike other instruments, can vary in performance depending on factors like sleep, stress and hydration. Start with some gentle humming, lip trills, and vocal exercises throughout your range.

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2) Practice songs outside of your comfort zone

In our recent vocal masterclass with platinum-certified singer-songwriter Karen Harding, she underlines this towards the end of the session, when she discusses how as singers we tend to stick to a familiar range and songs that come easy to us. Noticing songs that you struggle to sing and working on them over time is a great habit to get into to improve as a vocalist.  Even making a playlist of these songs can be an excellent way to remind yourself during practice sessions.

3) Don’t break the chain

Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian who popularized the “Don’t Break the Chain” productivity technique. This technique involves marking each day on a calendar when you successfully complete a habit, in this case, your vocal practice. While it may feel insignificant at first, creating a chain of consecutive practice days, with a focus on consistency will make you a much better singer in the long run than sporadically practising for a few hours inconsistently.

4) Be a great listener

Listening to recordings of your favourite singers and studying their vocal technique, tone, phrasing, and style can be an excellent way to reach new heights as a singer once you’ve mastered the basics. Paying attention to how they use their breath, intonation, and vibrato, and trying to imitate their sound during your practice sessions, can help you bring new flavours to your unique voice.

5) Constantly seek feedback

Whether it’s recording yourself singing and listening back to identify areas for improvement, or working with an experienced vocal coach or singer to receive guidance, seeking feedback is key!

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Remember, improving vocal technique is a gradual process that takes time and patience. With practice and dedication, you can develop a strong, healthy, and expressive singing voice.

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