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Mastering Basslines with Stevie R – Point Blank Online Masterclass

As a music producer, finding the perfect bassline for your track can prove difficult at times. The bassline, combined with your rhythm section, creates the foundation of your song, and getting it right can make all the difference. In this week’s Point Blank online masterclass, Stevie R, lecturer and record label A&R, dives into the world of basslines to get your listeners moving.

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Stevie begins by exploring different bassline techniques using Logic or Ableton stock plugins like Ableton’s versatile Operator synth. He shares insights on how to modify the attack, decay, sustain, and release parameters to effectively shape your bass, as well as adding effects such as Kush Audio’s distortion to instantly add grit and intensity.

Stevie later delves into programming an authentic-sounding acid bassline using AudioRealism’s Bass Line 3, a widely acclaimed TB-303 emulation plug-in. He explains how to tweak the filter envelope and pick the right kick drum to complement your bass and fit your mix perfectly.

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