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Top Indian DJ/Producer Suketu Studies Online w/ Point Blank. Watch Week 3 of the Vlog Here

As co-founder of The Music Inc (TMI) and one of India’s top DJs, DJ Suketu is back to show what even those with his kind of experience can learn with Point Blank, continuing his weekly vlog series. Suketu is now three weeks into our Complete Electronic Music Production online course. Watch below as he tells us how he found week 3. Come back next week for the next instalment.

Having covered drum programming and tentatively introduced basslines in weeks 1 and 2, in week 3 we turn our attention over to basslines, fleshing out our electronic ‘rhythm section’ fully. The week’s classes look at each of the five chose genres for examples, students learn some more building blocks using stabs, intervals and delay, and further depths are plunged when it comes to FX. As always, lessons use both Logic and Ableton, so students can choose their tools based on their own intuition and preference. Watch the video below to learn how to make an electro bassline using Logic’s native ESP plugin.

Suketu is also the co-founder of The Music Inc (TMI), an electronic music school based in Mumbai. Point Blank has worked closely with Suketu and TMI to create a unique educational pathway for their students looking to study with us in London. Indian students looking for academic accreditation in the UK can benefit from saving up to £3,000 on our BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, in which we shape a bespoke range of modules for their programme. We have also developed two courses for TMI students looking to study with us in London based on a short-term visa, in the form of our Advanced Music Production & Sound Design Diploma and Advanced Music Production & Sound Design Certificate.

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