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Learn How to Create a Track in the All-New Ableton Live 10

So here it is. It’s been almost 5 years since Ableton Live 9 was released, but the Berlin-based DAW powerhouse have finally announced their long-awaited updated. It is the programme of choice for many producers and lauded for its streamlined workflow, uncluttered interface and deceptive sophistication. We’ve long been admirers and partners of theirs, and even offer Ableton-specific courses at our London school: in Production and Performance. Take a look at our whole range of production courses here.

As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new version to see what tweaks and upgrades have been added to Live’s 10th iteration. It’s not available to buy until early next year, but our lead course developer Ski Oakenfull was given time to have a root around its new functionality for the day. The result was this first look video. Enjoy!

The video is a short tour of Ableton Live 10’s new functions, both in the DAW itself and in conjunction with the Ableton Push controller. In it, Ski talks us through cosmetic upgrades, before building a track from four samples, embellished with some new instruments and effects native to the programme. Some of the more notable features include the Capture function: allowing you to record the last sequence played without hitting record; some new drum synths and an Echo effect that can work as a Space Echo; plus the Wavetable, a new dual oscillator wavetable synthesiser. Some of the most exciting upgrades are undoubtedly in conjunction with the Ableton Push, with envelopes and EQ now graphically visible on the unit itself.

As we have come to expect from Ableton, the new version represents a steady but significant progression on from the previous, subtly tweaking to increase intuitiveness rather than re-inventing the wheel. We hope you enjoy the video and join us in counting down the days until its release in 2018.

Ski Oakenfull

Ski Oakenfull is the lead course developer here at Point Blank Music School, and along with our other fantastic developers and instructors, he has ensured that our courses are of the highest order. Check out our BA (Hons) in Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree for our most comprehensive programme, or take a look at our full list of London music production courses if you’re interested in something shorter. If London is not an option, take a look at our online courses, with which we’re currently offering 25% off select courses. We also have schools in Ibiza, LA and Mumbai. Contact us here with any questions.

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