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Tutorial: How to Create Dark Techno Atmospheres Using Reverb

In this tutorial, Point Blank’s Course Content Developer, Chris Martin, demonstrates how to create dark techno atmospheres using reverb in Ableton Live as well as the DAW’s effects chain.

This technique can be used across a range of genres when creating hard hitting tracks with atmospheric elements. Taking inspiration from Maya Jane Coles’ track, ‘Burning Bright‘, Chris shows how you can create interesting reverb tails to add that bit extra to your synth lines. This video was taken from one of our Music Production and Sound Engineering Intro to Production (Ableton) modules. To find out more about our music production and sound engineering courses, head here.

To kick off the tutorial Chris loads up a simple loop in Ableton Live, consisting of a kick, hats and an FM synth part. To make the synth part “wetter” and less sharp, Chris adds Ableton’s Reverb plugin as an insert on the channel. He alters the reverb to taste, so there’s a nice fading tail on the sound, before trialling some changes in the reverbs high and low frequencies. He then furthers his experimentation by tweaking other parameters to get the desired effect.

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