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Tutorial: How to Score a Thriller with Claude Ruelle

In this tutorial, PB lecturer Claude Ruelle shows how you can score a thriller in Logic Pro X using some simple techniques.

A great score can make a good film a legendary production and create an unforgettable atmosphere. In fact, some films are remembered more so for their iconic scores rather than their action-packed scenes and performances. In this tutorial, as well as learning some solid techniques for scoring video, you’ll also learn a range of techniques that can be translated into producing dark, suspenseful tracks that fall into a range of genres, from trap and grime to techno and ambient.

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To kick off the tutorial, Claude breaks down some of the sounds he chose to use to create his thriller score, including strings, harp, percussion, synths and more, before detailing some key music theory to consider when writing suspenseful scores. He demonstrates how using Logic Pro’s Pedalboard can help create interesting textures as well as how using odd time signatures are perfect for building tension in a track – as they’re difficult for the listener to follow.

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If you enjoyed this video, you can learn more from Claude, as he teaches Point Blank’s Composing for Film and TV module. Need more now? Then check out Claude’s epic deconstruction of The Mandalorian soundtrack here.

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