Under The Radar /w Sam Willis (R&S): Pt. 3 – Casio RZ-1

Sam Willis (R&S records, Point Blank) and Declan McGlynn return for a third episode of our Under The Radar series. For those who haven’t been following, in these videos we sit down with Sam to go over some fantastically well made and reasonably priced pieces of old kit that may have been temporarily forgotten or overlooked. These would make a fantastic addition to any studio. Their relatively low price tags and good manufacturing standards make them great options if you are a student, professional, or are just looking to take your first steps into getting away from the screen and using some hardware with your productions.

In this instalment, we take a look at the Casio RZ-1 – a true gem of a 12 bit sampler. Described by some as a ‘poor man’s SP-1200’, its on board sampling lets you create up to four of your own percussion sounds, a distinctive feature for its time. It’s low fi sound is very unique and it built in sequencer is easy to use and effective.

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Sam Willis has recently participated in Fact Magazine’s ‘Against The Clock’ and is an instructor at Point Blank.

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