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GarageBand vs Logic Pro: Get to Know the Hidden Features & Key Differences

When it comes to making beats, everyone has to start somewhere. Whether it’s on an iPad app, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, GarageBand or something else, you’ll have a similar experience of picking your favourite sounds, creating beats, melodies and more.

Despite what people say about which DAW’s are better than others, it may surprise you to know that GarageBand is a pretty powerful tool. It can do a lot of what Logic can but in a more streamlined interface, which can be hugely helpful for the fledgling producer. For example, Logic Pro’s baby brother can even open Logic files – and they sound identical. If you’d like to learn more about how powerful DAWs such as Ableton Live or Logic Pro work, our Intro to Music Production is very popular in London and Online.

The video below follows our initial GarageBand tutorial in which John Davies, a composition and mixing instructor here at Point Blank, demonstrated the software’s fundamentals. If you haven’t checked that video out yet it may be best to give it a go before delving into this one. Watch that here. Follow on below to see our GarageBand vs Logic diagnosis.

During this demonstration, Davies explores the differences and similarities between the two programmes. He gives an overview of the buttons, their functionality, and shows you exactly what each of them does. In addition to this, he delves into some of the midi tricks you can use when creating chords or melodies, Logic’s mixing desk, how to navigate through the library, using the smart controls, manipulating audio files and more. He also demonstrates some of the useful shortcuts you can use to make the changes you need to quickly!

Much of what is discussed in this video is expanded on in our Intro to Music Production modules we teach here at Point Blank, which, along with the Composition and Mixing Modules taught by John (and much more), are integral parts of our BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering and BA (Hons) in Music Production and DJ Practice. Both of these degrees can be taken as fast-tracked 2-year degree programmes, and the former is available to study online. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the number +44 20 7729 4884.

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** Editors note: Things have moved on significantly since this article was published 🙂 Please head to our blog homepage for the very latest updates from Point Blank.

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