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9 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Producers and DJs

As the Christmas period rapidly approaches many of you will be starting to think about what presents you’re going to have to buy this year. Whether it’s for friends, family, or a treat for yourself, there are a variety of gifts on the market – and for under £100!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below is a list packed with ideas that will either impress your music producer/DJ friends or make them extremely jealous. From Socks to synths to music production and DJ accessories keep scrolling to check out 9 Christmas gift ideas that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for more than just stocking fillers and want to learn the ins and outs of music production or DJing, why not check out our Music Production & Sound Engineering or DJ courses? All of the below are great ideas for Christmas but remember we offer courses all year round! Kickstart your music career here.

Gear4Music Mini Strobe (£8.99)

This little light may be small but it’s powerful. It features 21 Bright LED lights which are controlled by a variable strobe setting of up to 10 flashes per second. This one will be perfect to throw into your house party set up this New Years Eve.

Moog Mugs (£10)

Style up your cuppas this festive season with Moog’s selection of Mugs. They’ve got a standard one for the kitchen and a travel mug to keep your coffee hot whilst on the go. The designs vary with the option of the brand’s iconic logo or an illustration of the Model D. Pick from either black or white.

NTS Cat Socks (£12)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without finding a new pair of socks in your stocking. Luckily from Bleep, you’ll be able to treat someone to a pair they can be proud of. These cat socks by London radio station NTS feature a slick design and are a must-have for underground music heads.

Loud Objects Noise Toy (£23.99)

The Noise Toy by Loud Objects was created as a collaboration between Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta, and Katie Shima and comes in five different lovable varieties. Take your pick of the Sunrise, Manatees, Broccoli, Oracle or Butterfly models which all have their own unique glitchy sounds. Head here to check out what each of them sounds like and how they work.

Flare Isolate Mini Earplugs (£24.99)

Protecting your ears is important, especially if you’re a music producer or DJ who spends a lot of time in the club. Flare’s Isolate Mini earplugs may be small but they’re mighty ear protectors. Crafted from either solid aluminium or titanium they can block out harmful sounds without taking away from the quality.

Art Vinyl Play & Display Frames (£38.99)

In addition to the feel and sound quality of vinyl, the artwork sleeves that house them are pieces of art in their own right. With Bleep’s Art Vinyl Play & Display frames you’ll be able to show off your favourite sleeves and rotate your selection if a new line-up takes your fancy. These come in both black and white and are a super-smart looking gift for someone who’s got a big catalogue of records or is just starting out their collection.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (£55+)

If modulating glitchy sounds gives you, or someone you know, hours of enjoyment, we’d advise checking out Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operators. These pocket-sized pieces of tech come in a number of different variants including drum machines, bass and lead synthesizers, noise percussion, and more and can be used with or without speakers. See how they work here.

Akai LPK25 (£58)

Akai’s LPK25 is great for music producers who feel inspired on the go. The USB-MIDI controller easily fits into a rucksack as it measures less than 13 inches across and the whole thing weighs less than a pound. It features some handy arp tools as well as an up/down octave control and steps in where your computer keyboard just can’t compare.

Pioneer DJ HDJ-500 (£79)

The Pioneer HDJ-500 series are perfect for “at home, on the go or in the booth” and come at an affordable price with some sleek colourways. They have a stretchable cord which can extend to around 3 meters to allow flexibility whilst DJing as well as an interchangeable 2-meter cord for traveling.

At Point Blank, working with different hardware and software is our specialty. Many of the pieces of equipment above are just a few of the tools our students have access to when studying here. Whether it’s our Pioneer-sponsored DJ studios or our 48-channel SSL Duality Delta mixing console, our facilities are packed with industry-leading gear. With that said we offer a number of courses across the globe with top-of-the-range facilities in LondonLos AngelesIbiza, and Mumbai.

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** Editors note: Things have moved on significantly since this article was published 🙂 Please head to our blog homepage for the very latest updates from Point Blank.

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