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Watch Our Throwback Todd Edwards Tutorial & Enrol on a PBLA Course for More!

At Point Blank, we pride ourselves on the content we provide to our audience and the opportunities we’re able to offer to our students. That’s why, for this Throwback Tutorial post, we’re journeying back to January 2018 to revisit the time that the one and only Todd Edwards stopped by Point Blank Los Angeles to deliver an artist insights masterclass. Todd Edwards is a man that needs very little introduction, but in case you need a refresher, he’s a producer and DJ, and one of the most prominent figures in house & garage since the mid-nineties. An early champion of speed garage with a trademark cut-up style of sampling, he came to be known as a pioneer of UK garage, all the way from New Jersey.

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In this video, we get a peak of a Todd Edwards masterclass at Point Blank Los Angeles, in which he shares invaluable advice and choice anecdotes with his students. Watch the video to see and hear glimpses of his DAW projects, managerial insights and stories about the less glamorous side of old-school sampling techniques. Plus, hear about his love for Irish folk music and DIY Björk impersonations.

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** Editors note: Things have moved on significantly since this article was published 🙂 Please head to our blog homepage for the very latest updates from Point Blank.

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