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A Guide to Lofi Drum Programming with Adal Jamil (Point Blank LA)

Are you a music producer looking to create a captivating lo-fi drum groove that captures the warmth, vintage charm, and dusty feel of the genre? Look no further than this week’s video with Adal Jamil. As an accomplished audio engineer and producer based out of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment in Sherman Oaks, CA, Adal shares his tips on how to achieve that coveted lo-fi sound in just a few easy steps.

With years of experience working as an engineer and producer on various projects, Adal has honed his skills to work with artists such as Polaris Rose and Kelsey Kerrigan. His work on Atreyu’s Long Live, a studio album produced by Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper), which hit number 26 on the Billboard 200, earned him the credit of drum programmer. Additionally, he is an expert user of the Native Instruments Maschine and teaches on Point Blank’s LA’s Beatmaking course.

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He kicks things off by organizing different kits in Ableton, carefully selecting one as the main kit and another as a secondary kit for percussion sounds and variations to the main samples. As he listens to different samples while playing a sparkly jazz loop, Adal emphasizes the importance of listening in context, ensuring that the samples complement the other elements of the track.

He also delves into the world of effects and processing, discussing how saturation and other processing techniques can be used to add warmth, texture, and character to your lo-fi drum grooves. By following his expert advice and mixing techniques, you can achieve the perfect levels and mix for your lo-fi tracks, resulting in a polished, yet authentic sound that stands out in today’s music scene.

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