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Ableton Push 3 Walkthrough: Step-by-Step Remixing with Vinyl Sampling and Live Vocals

In this week’s video, Ski Oakenfull takes centre stage, demonstrating the powerful capabilities of the third incarnation of Ableton’s brand new Push 3 controller. Featuring one of our talented Music Production and Vocal Performance degree students at Point Blank, David Kaho, Ski combines David’s acoustic guitar playing and captivating vocals with his own unique vinyl sampling skills to fashion a dynamic remix of Chris Brown’s popular song “Under the Influence.” If you aspire to be in great company and surround yourself with like-minded singer-songwriters like David, our vocal performance degree could be the perfect fit for you. You can learn more here.

To kick off the video, Ski first guides us through some of the new features of the unit, including its jog wheel and 64 MPE-capable pads. These pads detect finger pressure and placement, enabling emotive play with bends, slides, filtering, and affecting individual notes within a chord or playing multiple articulations within one pad. Ski then dives into tracking acoustic guitar and live vocals from David directly into Push’s built in sound card, before building out a groovy remix, featuring samples from Ski’s latest vinyl acquisitions from his trip to Japan.

The new Ableton Push Standalone unit is the ideal workhorse for singer-songwriters and producers seeking portability. Its built-in Ableton Live integration allows for seamless music creation from the Push unit to your computer. With the Push, artists can work remotely, free from the constraints of a laptop, armed with only a pair of headphones while still enjoying the full range of Ableton’s features.

He samples vinyl from Sadistic Mika Band’s track “Sumie No Kuni E,” Akiko Yano’s track “What’s Got in Your Eyes,” and Yukihiro Takahashi’s track “Ordinary Day.” Ski then discusses his thought process in tweaking these samples and layering some of his own drum sounds, before launching into a head nodding performance of the remix, showing off the Push in all its glory.

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