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Club Mango Drops New ‘Hot Sauce EP’ via Point Blank Recordings: Listen Now

Club Mango has released a brand new EP via our in-house record label, Point Blank Recordings.

The new Hot Sauce EP features the previously released tracks, ‘One You Need’ and ‘Vente Conmigo’, as well as two brand new cuts. Playing to his strengths, Club Mango delivers a fusion of classic Latin American dance and contemporary production techniques, packed with catchy features from the likes of Vadi, Sanwo and Ya’rey. Since its full release, the Hot Sauce EP has racked up an impressive 50K views – and shows no signs of slowing down. Tune in below.

Speaking about the EP’s first single, ‘One You Need’, Daniel Aparicio aka Club Mango explains: “This song really came out of nowhereWe were jamming in the living room on the guitar after a few tequilas and then it kind of just grew from there. The track was done but we felt that getting some more Latin flavour in there could take it to the next level. So we hit up Vadi to see if he could feature on it and luckily he was up for it.” 

Vadi adds, “Working on this song has been a great experience. I’ve always wanted to collaborate with an English speaking artist. I connected so well with the vibe of the song that I found the inspiration for the lyrics straight away, and in less than half an hour I had them written and recorded.”

Our A&R Director and head of Ferocious Talent, Kwame Kwaten, is always on the hunt for new exciting emerging artists to join our Point Blank Recordings roster. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to have your music signed to Point Blank Recordings be sure to send your demos to

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