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Get Free Gear When You Sign Up For One Of Point Blank LA’s Diplomas In February

When you enroll in one of Point Blank Los Angeles’ Diploma programs, such as our Music Production & Audio Engineering, Music Production & Sound Design, Music Production & DJ Performance, and Music Production & Vocal Performance diplomas, you will get the opportunity to receive the Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen & Launchkey 49 [MK3] ($550 value). The Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen & Launchkey 49 includes Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen, Scarlett CM25 MkIII Microphone & mic stand attachment, Scarlett HP60 MkIII Headphones, 3m XLR cable, and USB cable (Type C-A). When you sign up for one of Point Blank LA’s diplomas, you will receive everything mentioned that comes with the Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen & Launchkey 49. This offer only lasts for the month of February and will only apply to February enrollees.

The key features of the Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen are two of the best-performing mic preamps the Scarlett range has ever seen, now with switchable Air mode to give your recordings a brighter and more open sound, a large diaphragm condenser mic enables you to capture studio-quality recordings that are faithful to the original source, the upgraded HP60 MkIII closed-back headphones offer high sound quality and long-lasting comfort, invaluable for recording or mixing, two high-headroom instrument inputs to plug in your guitar or bass, with the Easy Start tool, it’s now easier than ever to get up and running. 

Step into the music industry with Point Blank’s Music Production & Audio Engineering Diploma. This course will supply you with all the skills you need to begin a career in many fields of the music industry, including music producer, recording engineer, film/TV composer, sound editor, music arranger, artist/performer, studio manager, A&R/label manager, and many more.

Throughout this diploma program, you’ll learn the essential components of what it takes to create high-quality, professional tracks in our state-of-the-art studios. You’ll study audio engineering, sound design, composition for film and TV, vocal production, remixing, and advanced mixing and mastering on our 32-channel SSL Origin console. You’ll also receive a copy of the Ableton Live Suite ($749 value) or Apple Logic Pro X ($199 value) software and take part in studio mentoring sessions with A&R Director Kwame Kwaten, who has 33 years of experience in the music industry working with the likes of Jay-Z, Mick Jagger, Tom Jones, and Seal. Here at Point Blank, we prioritize connecting you to the music industry and engaging our students with free masterclasses, events, and networking opportunities.

Our in-depth 12-month Music Production & Sound Design Diploma incorporates a broad range of skills such as production, beatmaking, composition, sound design, remixing, composing for film & TV, electronic music performance, mastering, and lots more. Developed and taught by professionals who’ve worked with artists such as Skrillex, Pharrell, Amy Winehouse, and more, this cutting-edge college-level program will teach you how to take your music to the next level, and create a professional-grade portfolio of tracks.

Our 12-month Music Production & DJ Performance Diploma will prepare you for a variety of roles including music producer, mixing engineer, sound designer/editor, video game or film music composer, artist/performer, resident/touring DJ, A&R/label manager, and many more. You will learn a broad range of skills from music fundamentals to creative and advanced production techniques, sound design, beatmaking, DJ performance, mixing and remixing, VJ skills, and live electronic music performance. This course is designed and taught by industry professionals who have decades of experience working in the music industry and know what it takes for you to make it as a successful professional.

Our 12-month Music Production & Vocal Performance Diploma is an intensive, practical, and comprehensive journey into areas such as live vocal performance, studio singing, rapping, vocal production, composition, songwriting, and mixing. Developed and taught by professionals who’ve worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Pharrell, and Skrillex (to name just a few), this cutting-edge college-level program will teach you all you need to know about vocal technique, performance, writing, recording, and mixing in order to create your own professional-grade portfolio of tracks with stunning vocals.

So when you enroll in any of these diploma programs, you will receive the Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen & Launchkey 49 [MK3] ($550 value).

Enroll today and receive this exceptional piece of equipment. Make sure to enroll during the month of February to get your Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen!

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