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John Newman Reveals His Live DJ & Vocal Setup at Tomorrowland Winter 2023

In this week’s video, we caught up with the chart-topping singer/DJ John Newman known for his hits including Love Me Again and Blame. He gave us an in-depth look at his live DJ set up for his performance at this year’s Tomorrowland Winter Festival on the Main Stage.

Newman has been working tirelessly over the past two years, reinventing himself and his music. He refers to this new phase as “John Newman version two.” This transformation is evident in his live performances, where he has completely overhauled his setup and made a unique hybrid of traditional DJing with his live vocals .

At the heart of Newman’s setup is the V10 mixer by Pioneer. This mixer is the hub of his live performances, allowing him to control various aspects of his sound. He uses it in a unique way, addressing challenges that DJs often don’t face, such as needing a metronome click in his ears due to his live singing.

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Newman uses an emergency backup mixer running through two separate channels. This mixer runs a four-bar loop of a metronome click, which he cues in his ears. This setup is crucial in maintaining tempo, especially during quiet moments and in large, boomy rooms.

In addition to the V10 mixer, Newman uses two CDJ-3000s for mixing. He also uses an RMX-1000, an effects unit that many DJs use. This unit allows him to add various effects to his sound, such as build-ups, pitches, and more.

However, the most exciting part of Newman’s setup is the DJS-1000 by Pioneer. This sampler allows him to play all his tracks in some format, whether it’s small samples or bits of beats. But the most exciting feature is its live sampling mode. Newman runs his microphone through the sampler, allowing him to build up vocals and create unique soundscapes on the fly.

Newman’s live performances are a testament to his creativity and innovation. His use of the Pioneer V10 mixer, CDJ-3000s, RMX-1000, and DJS-1000 showcases his ability to adapt and innovate, creating a unique sound that sets him apart.

The key to a great performance is not only the equipment you use but also how you use it. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.

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