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Kells – Face Ventura: Out Now on PB Music! (Stream & Download)

We’re back with a fresh cut! ‘Face Ventura’ is an ethereal electronic banger from our latest PB Music signing, Kells. You can purchase ‘Face Ventura’ on iTunes and stream it on Spotify.

Kells is a producer, musician and composer based in East London with productions rooted in house, techno and broken beat. Mixing organic and club elements, keys and guitar noodling can be found weaving through the electronics and ambience of his tracks.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for ‘Face Ventura’?

I remember watching Moon around when I started writing this track and loving its minimal aesthetic. I wanted to make something weighty and spaced out with stripped back elements where the energy and movement was in the track’s arrangement.

What did you use in the production of the track? (any specific hardware/software/plugins etc)

The track is peppered with live percussion throughout – primarily cajón and some shakers. In terms of soft synths, there are instances of Massive and Absynth in there. I used primarily Ableton-native effects and processing to finish the track.

How do you think your time at Point Blank has helped with the making of the track?

This is actually a track I started before studying at Point Blank. It was great to revisit it and give it a fresh mix with everything I’ve learned from the course though. The mixing module, in particular, has given me a far keener ear so this release gave me the chance to go back and correct some naive missteps!

Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I’m currently finishing some tracks to put together into an EP on a more broken beat tip. I’ve also got some production and vocalist collaborations in the works as well as some contributions to the Multiverse Collective in the form of podcasts and releases. Lots of excitement in the pipeline!

Check out Kells’ track, ‘Face Ventura’ on PB Music. You can keep up with Kells on his Facebook & Soundcloud pages.

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