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Masterclass: Thomas Irwin Talks Combining Electronic Music w/ Live Organic Instruments

Whilst at IMS Ibiza this year, we enlisted one of our current Point Blank degree students, Thomas Irwin, to host an exclusive masterclass on churning out hits and musical collaboration.

Thomas Irwin has worked with many labels around the globe, including Sony, Spinnin’, Dharma, Warner and more and received a BBC introducing top 10 uploads for the year 2019. As well as dropping hit tracks, the young artist has also performed at venues both in London and around the world, including debuting at the prestigious Ministry of Sound and fabric London soon after. It’s fitting that after Irwin’s debut at Ministry of Sound, he received bookings to play at festivals around Europe.

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During his debut masterclass, Thomas Irwin shows how using organic sounds in electronic music can create bridges between genres and add depth to your mix. Whether it’s adding sweeping orchestras or subtle, barely audible layers, Thomas demonstrates how you can use these sounds to elevate your tracks. Thomas Irwin is currently enrolled on one of our Music Production degree courses and works closely with another student, Adrian, from our Music Industry Management degree course.

The International Music Summit in Ibiza (IMS Ibiza) is one of the biggest events in the global dance music calendar. Set in the spiritual epicentre of clubland, leading figures and inspirational artists fly in from all over the world to give lectures and host panels on the most important things happening in the industry. It’s a fantastic way to keep up with the latest developments and make sure that, whatever your involvement in music, you stay at the cutting edge of what’s going on.

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