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Top 5 DJ Hacks w/DJ Ravine and Ben Bristow

This week, Ben Bristow, Point Blank’s Senior Curriculum Manager and Programme Leader for Music Production & DJ Performance, teams up with the ever-talented DJ Ravine. Together, they delve into essential hacks designed to elevate your next DJ gig. Whether you’re just starting out or have years behind the turntables, their insights are game changers.

These hacks are designed for situations where you might be at a gig and something stops working, or you’ve forgotten a cable and need to think on your feet. These are some of the valuable hacks they touched on:

  1. BPM Entry Technique: Ben demonstrates how to accurately enter the tempo of a track into the mixer’s BPM engine. Instead of just using the tap feature, he suggests holding down the tap button and using the time dial to dial in the exact BPM value. This ensures that loops or any other effects relying on timing will be perfectly beat-matched.
  2. Roll & Sample Technique: DJ Ravine showcases how to use the roll effect to sample a song and mix it out from the same deck. This technique allows DJs to mix even if they’re only using a single deck, offering a backup solution in case of equipment issues.
  3. Digital Out & In: They discuss the advantages of using the digital out feature of the CDJ and the digital in on the mixer. This method provides a full stereo sound with just a single RCA cable, ensuring better sound quality and a quick fix if one of the RCA cables stops working.
  4. Cue Button Workaround: For situations where the cue button stops working or becomes sticky, Ben offers a solution. By using the in/cue button or the Loop in Button, DJs can set their cue points in real-time without having to stop the track. Auto Cue Feature: Ben highlights the importance of the Auto Cue feature. When activated, it automatically sets a cue point for tracks, preventing them from playing immediately upon loading.
  5. Instant Doubles: They touch upon the concept of instant doubles, which allows DJs to quickly duplicate a track onto another deck.

As the session with DJ Ravine and Ben Bristow came to a close, it was clear that the world of DJing, with the right techniques, is boundless. If their insights have ignited a passion within you, why not take it a step further? At Point Blank, we offer degree courses like Music Production and DJ Performance. Dive deep, hone your skills, and let us help you carve your niche in the music industry. Your journey into the world of music awaits, and there’s no better place to start than Point Blank.

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